The employee purpose platform

Impactful is a software solution that helps your employees to find purpose and collaborate, by donating money, skills, and time to causes they love. We help businesses build a purpose driven culture; increasing social impact, employee engagement and productivity.
  • Streamline corporate philanthropy
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Engage and inspire staff
  • Increase productivity
  • Demonstrate social impact

How it works

Purpose coaching

Our value discovery software helps your staff to identify their core values, and maps them to related causes to help them live their purpose.

Matched giving

Staff build their personal foundation via matched payroll contributions, and use our social investment software to grow their fund over time.


Staff then deploy funds into causes they care about, and collaborate on fundraising and volunteering efforts that align with their purpose.

Employee purpose coaching

Our value discovery software takes all your employees through a values assessment to help them define their values, and connect them to causes that align with their purpose.
  • Enable employees to live with purpose
  • Understand what motivates them
  • Connect them to causes they love
  • Align employee and company purpose
  • Drive greater engagement and productivity

Matched payroll giving

Set all your employees up with their own personal foundation, automate tax optimised matched payroll giving, and enable staff to invest in their own philanthropic fund.
  • All employees get a personal foundation
  • Matched deposits via payroll
  • Automatically receive optimal tax treatment
  • Enable staff to invest in their own purpose
  • Offer matched giving incentives and rewards

Fundraising and volunteering

Launch fundraising and volunteering opportunities that align with company purpose, optimising employee engagement, and taking the stress out of corporate philanthropy.
  • Fundraisers that align with company values
  • Offer volunteering opportunities to your staff
  • Facilitate powerful team building
  • Engage your staff in company purpose
  • Manage everything on the Impactful platform

Social impact reporting

Powerful reporting tools support your CSR and ESG reporting with meaningful data. Gain real insights into staff engagement levels, company purpose and social impact.
  • Understand employee engagement levels
  • See what values your staff really care about
  • Track funds donated to specific impact areas
  • Track volunteering hours by cause
  • Use data to evolve company purpose

Benefits for your business

The world or work is rapidly changing and employees expect their jobs to bring a sense of purpose to their lives. Impactful helps you meet that need and gives you a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining top talent, and optimising productivity and social impact.

Streamline corporate philanthropy

Managing corporate and employee giving and volunteering can be a resource intensive. Streamline all of your programmes through Impactful, saving time and money, increasing donations and engagement, and improving reporting.

Attract and retain talent

Turnover is reduced by 57% at purpose driven enterprises that focus on social impact. Impactful helps you define your company purpose to attract the best talent and reduce staff turnover, saving time and money on recruitment and training.

Engage and inspire staff

Disengaged employees cost businesses up to $600 billion in lost productivity every year. Impactful engages your employees on their values, and causes they care about; creating happier, more engaged and more productive employees.

Increase productivity

Engaged employees outperform their disengaged peers. Companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable. Impactful helps you develop happy, engaged, hard working employees, optimising productivity and profit.

Demonstrate social impact

ESG reporting is now a mandatory requirement across the globe. Impactful makes it easy for you to report on corporate philanthropy. Use Impactful to understand what drives your employees, and show the world your collective social impact.

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