Download now - Building Company Culture in a Post-Covid World.

Posted: 15 November 2021

By Luke Upton

Company culture can seem like a fuzzy term, hard to define and meaning different things to different people. There’s one nice description I’ve heard though, likening it to pouring concrete, it takes a while to set, but is much more difficult to change once it has.

For this exclusive guide from Impactful, Building Company Culture in a Post-Covid World, we define culture as the mindsets, values and behaviours that are actively practised in any organisation. We all know that energized employees are more likely to be more positively engaged with their work, be excited for new opportunities, reskilling and training and are less likely to be looking around for a new job.

In short, they tick the boxes of what the late neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks would describe as the 3B’s: belief, belonging and bonding.

Our changed world

Never has a focus on culture been more important since the Covid-19 pandemic changed our world.

The pandemic forced the adoption of a whole host of new ways of working. Organizations have had to quickly reimagine how their work is done, the position of staff in this new system, the role of offices, the challenges of recruitment and retention and more intangible issues like company culture, team spirit and to put it simply keeping your staff happy and engaged.

In this guide, it’s this last part that we focus on, offering some insights, practical and emotional, that cannot just retain, but build company culture in this new world of working.

Download Building Company Culture in a Post-Covid World today for a focus on the challenge, the reality, today, tomorrow, our eight steps to building culture and an exclusive resource – Workplace Culture Staff Questionnaire.