Your personal purpose platform

Impactful is an easy-to-use personal investment and collaboration tool. We help you find purpose, collaborate, and tackle global problems, by donating money, skills, and time to the causes you love. Whatever your purpose, we can help you achieve it.
  • Identify your values and define your purpose
  • Build financial resources to make an impact
  • Find causes that align with your purpose
  • Donate money, skills and time to your causes
  • Collaborate with peers to make a real impact

How it works

Identify your values

Our value discovery software helps you to identify your core values, and maps them to related causes to help you identify and live your purpose.

Launch your foundation

Launch your personal foundation via matched payroll contributions, and use our social investment software to grow your fund over time.

Collaborate with peers

Deploy your funds into causes you care about, and collaborate on fundraising and volunteering efforts that align with your purpose.

Purpose coaching

The Impactful value discovery platform takes you through a values assessment helping you identify your values and connecting you to causes that align with your purpose.
  • Understand your true values
  • Identify your life's purpose
  • Align your actions with your values
  • Measure your progress
  • Make a meaningful impact

Investing to give

Launch your own personal philanthropic foundation, invest and grow your fund like a pension, choose when and where to deploy your funds, and track and measure your impact.
  • Set up your account via your employer
  • Payroll deposits or one-off payments
  • Automatically receive optimal tax benefits
  • Invest and grow your funds
  • Choose when and where to donate


Find and connect with causes that align with your values. Launch individual fundraisers, or collaborate on group fundraisers, to turbo-charge your social impact for causes you love.
  • Set up fundraisers for causes you care about
  • Manage all your fundraisers in one place
  • Find like-minded peers to collaborate with
  • Gain confidence and learn new skills
  • Track, promote and share your achievements


Impactful allows you to give more than just money. Find like-minded peers and work together to donate your skills and time to make a real impact for causes that need your help.
  • Find relevant volunteering opportunities
  • Make a tangible difference to causes you love
  • Learn new skills and gain new experiences
  • Meet like-minded peers with shared values
  • Log, track and share your impact

Your benefits

Impactful helps everyone to invest in their purpose and live a happier and more fulfilled life, both at work and at home. Our goal is to help everyone to take charge of identifying and living their values, in order to make a difference in the world in a way that is meaningful to them.

Increase job satisfaction

Live your values at work and make friends with like-minded colleagues.

Improve your wellbeing

Focus your mind on what’s important to you, and improve your wellbeing

Make a real difference

Make a direct contribution to solving the world's biggest problems.

Fulfil your life's purpose

Track tangible progress and measurable results in living your values

Find your cause

Get started

Get in touch with us today to find out how to get Impactful set up with your employer, and let us help you to live a life filled with purpose.

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