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Product Designer

London, England, United Kingdom / Hybrid

We’re looking for our first Product Designer!

We’re building a really design led company where UX design and user research is at the core of evolving our product ideas.

We’ve always felt that building a great and trusting relationship between product and design is at the heart of good product, and we’re looking for someone to take the lead on developing our first products; from quickly iterating through product journeys, customers testing, exploring the IA, and developing our first design system.

Our hope is that whoever we find grows into being our head of design and UX, defining both our product and how we build it. This is an opportunity to join the team while we all still fit in a room and build the company from the ground up.

A bit about Impactful and our mission

Impactful is solving a complex problem in a simple way.

Corporate philanthropy is really hard. Companies struggle to get real engagement with purpose, and their people leave in search of more meaning.

Our solution starts by offering every employee a mini charitable foundation. Pick an amount you won’t miss – call it £20 per month – and we’ll put it into your foundation direct from your salary. It’s pre-tax so that’s actually £29. And matched so that’s £49. Growing every day through investment. Before you know it 6 months has passed, and you’ve got £300 ready to go. Your company is focussing on refugees this year, that’s something you care about. So does Rachel from finance, and a few others – all of whom have foundations. You’re with a few colleagues in the pub and you’ve gathered thousands of pounds in an evening, by next morning your group is sponsoring a room to help refugee homelessness. Great, what’s next?

You can think of it as a little account for good, a little pension pot for purpose. The foundations give staff the same philanthropic tools as their c-suite leadership.

By offering a dedicated foundation people can develop a consistent habit of giving without choosing a single goal. This pattern has been proven in helping people build savings and pensions, so why not impact?

Better yet, it’s automated through salary, benefits from tax efficiency, and can grow through matched funding and investment! It’s just a more efficient, more automated, less stressful way to make an impact.

Mini foundations answer all the traditional CSR needs; easier management, clean CSR data, and better engagement – as it’s much easier to organise a fundraiser or movement when people have already got the funds set aside.

It’s just a win for staff, win for business, and win for charity.

What you’ll be doing

We strongly believe in customer centric and iterative design, and we’re doing it from the ground up.

User research good product is all about talking to customers frequently and we’re planning to do this a lot! You’ll be working closely with the CPO to define the research brief, prepare prototypes, talk to customers and distil the insights that will drive our first product.

Iterate through designs we’ve got a lot of journeys to design and test so we’re looking for someone who’s able to quickly put together UX flows. We’re keen on spending lots of time around white boards and sketches to collaborate on how the product will work. We don’t believe that products are ‘released then done’ but are living projects that need to be nurtured over time.

Establish our first design system you’ll be coming into a completely greenfield project so you’ll be defining everything from CTAs and form fields to the overall IA. (Don’t worry, not all at once!)

Set design vision as the first designer you’ll be responsible for establishing our first design system and visual language, and indeed, design vision. As the team grows, we hope that you’ll step into a design leadership role, hiring new designers and working directly with engineers to build out our MVP and beyond. We’re planning on building a design led organisation, indeed we’ll put off hiring product for as long as possible because we believe that a tight team with a great relationship between UX, and engineering can achieve great things.

Who we’re looking for

We’re still small, indeed very small, but with big ambitions. We don’t have much structure (but we enjoy bouldering and lots of coffee), so you’ll need to be a self-starter who doesn’t need much direction.

You’ll be working with the CPO on most things, we’re looking for a real partnership between you two to bounce ideas around freely and support each other.

We have not yet set up processes of how we want to work, so we’ll look to you to help define how we want to create our product as we expand.

We’re looking for someone with a strong UX background, but enough UI experience to create the end-to-end for our product vision.

Although we do plan to go into mobile eventually, we’ll probably start on web as it suits our customers more.

We don’t have an office yet so we’re fully remote, but we try to find a day every week to meet up in person to make sure we all continue to care about each other.

Given we would hope this to grow into a leadership role we would prefer a permanent hire, but we also understand that people have different career models. We try to be flexible around people’s lives, whether it’s maternity or flexibility, so are happy to discuss contract positions too.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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